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29 August 2020


  • Verion alpha 0.0.2
  • Copyright (c) 2019-2020 mahaidong
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The RhinoPythonShell is the one of answer for where is the python REPL environment for Rhino3d?

This RHinoPlugin adds an IronPython interpreter to Rhino3d.

The RhinoPythonShell lets you to write scripts for Rhino3d in Python. But even better, it provides you with an interactive shell that lets you see the results of your code as you type it.

This is great for exploring the rhinscriptsyntax, scriptcontext, RhinoCommon API while writing your Rhino.python script.

inspired by RevitPythonShell.


  • interactive IronPython interpreter for exploring the API
    • with syntax highlighting
    • autocompletion (press CTRL+SPACE after a period)
    • based on the IronLab project
  • batteries included! (rhinoscriptsyntax, scriptcontext)
  • full access to the .NET framework and the RhinoCommon API


  1. works for rhino6 and rhino7 wip
  2. unzip to rhino3d pluginin folder
  3. type RhinoPythonShell, in rhino command.
  4. enjoy it!



  • cache command history


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